How to choose the right mobile application testing tool?

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    With strong competition and changing user requirements, today's mobile applications must be perfectly designed and tested before being deployed to the public.

    To add to the challenge, mobile application development is much more labor intensive than web applications, as there are additional dimensions of complexity, resulting in a real need for automated testing.

    In this article, we'll look at what mobile app testing is, why it's important and how to choose the right testing tool for your business.



    What is mobile application testing?

    Mobile application testing is the process of testing for parameters such as functionality, performance, and stability of an application.

    Testing is done both manually and with the help of testing frameworks and tools. The entire process helps teams ensure that the final product meets initial expectations.


    Main benefits of using a mobile application testing tool


    Ensure a perfect functioning of your mobile application

    Quality assurance professionals carefully check whether the application performs interactions as expected, ensuring a smooth and efficient user journey.


    User retention

    When users have a successful and smooth experience, they are more likely to return to the app. This improves and maintains your company's reputation and increases customer retention.


    Create a better quality offer

    Re-evaluating the entire solution by a panel of users during mobile app testing makes it easier to predict whether customers are likely to use the app to its full potential or reject an incomplete and flawed offering.

    Automated iOS and Android tests

    Cell phone operating systems are divided into two: Android and iOS. This means that any application that wants to run on both operating systems must essentially plan for both and take into account the multitude of devices available on the market.

    These devices have variations based on:

    • Operating system types and versions
    • Potentially customized OS
    • Hardware resources (memory, processing power, etc.)
    • Screen sizes
    • Screen resolutions
    • Storage with different available capacity for each
    • Wifi Vs mobile data (from different operators)
    • Etc...



    Reduced test time, accelerated move to market

    Mobile application testing tools facilitate automated testing of applications at different stages of development, freeing up the project team's time to work on higher value tasks such as working on other aspects of the user experience.


    Knowing where to start

    The best mobile application testing tools make it easy to visualize anomalies in a structured interface. This way, you can know exactly what needs to be fixed at a glance.


    Little technical expertise required

    The advantage of the latest mobile app testing tools is that they are not limited to being used by those with extensive technical expertise. Any member of your team can perform your automated tests.


    How to choose the right mobile application testing tool

    The solution you consider should be very reliable and offer a variety of options, including support for one of the major scripting engines and excellent customer support.


    Here are the exact criteria you should look for before choosing the best mobile app testing tools:


    Support for various programming languages

    Depending on the target audience, business needs and budget, you can develop mobile applications in the programming language of your choice.

    However, it is always best to opt for a tool that makes it easy to write effective test cases in different languages. Some of the most popular ones include JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


    Support cross-platform testing with a browserstack connection

    It is clear that you cannot run your tests on every type of device that your users may use.

    It is crucial to opt for a mobile app testing tool that supports multiple platforms to ensure that the user experience is the same, regardless of the device.

    To be able to perform automated iOS and Android tests, the testing tool needs a connection like BrowserStack, which allows you to test mobile apps on different browsers, operating systems and mobile platforms.


    Integrations with other tools and frameworks

    Regardless of the degree of inclusion of the best mobile application testing tools, they must be able to be used with other commonly used frameworks and tools.

    This way, your team doesn't have to waste time downloading and installing third-party resources. Integrations with project management tools and ALMs are also crucial.

    When a test tool integrates with the main CI/CD tools, it achieves objectives such as inspection, defect logging, test execution, test management and revision control.


    Support for no code tests

    No-code testing means that anyone on your team can run automated tests, as no programming skills are required. It also reduces the time it takes to execute repetitive test cases.


    Data security

    Modern application development and testing scenarios are highly collaborative. The tool you choose must ensure high credibility and constantly evolving data security with timely upgrades to protect against malware, viruses and attacks.


    Recording functions

    Recording functions help to keep track of all actions related to the different test scenarios.

    This provides your test team with a broad test coverage that can be referred to when specific scenarios need to be implemented in complex test scripts.


    Complete identification of bugs

    Each time a failure occurs, the test tool should create a full report showing the exact point of friction.

    It should also provide data about the test conditions and test environment during failure to help developers fix errors, as well as screenshots of the test steps and reports in different formats to display on multiple devices.


    To summarize

    Today, automated testing is more important than ever because of its ability to provide quick and reliable feedback on the quality of your applications, while freeing up time for your developers to work on more important tasks.


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