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    Bug detection is a set of activities that, at first glance, may seem tricky to implement. It requires a good knowledge of technical bases, user paths and a lot of rigor.

    The good news is that the rise of digital technology has brought with it a host of innovative solutions to make this task easier.

    How about a SaaS solution and a dedicated testing tool to take back control of your applications and your information system?



    • What is a test tool?
    • What is the benefit of a SaaS solution?
    • What are the advantages of a testing tool?

    Optimizing the user experience

    Saving time

    Profitability for the company

    Maintaining agility

    • What does the test tool for Mr Suricate ?
    • Why is our SaaS solution the best solution for test automation?
    • Things to remember


    What is an automated testing tool?

    As the name implies, an automated testing tool is a software tool that manages the automated creation and execution of certain types of tests across its various sites, applications and enterprise software. It allows you to automate tests in a continuous deployment chain across the entire application environment.

    This avoids having to manually and randomly test the proper functioning of its applications, to the detriment of actions with greater added value for the growth of your organization.

    The management of tests will be done through the association of several other tools (repository, automation, bug tracker, dashboard...) 

    To carry out its test campaignsa test tool executes test cases tests of different natures and not all having the same objectives. These can include :


    • functional tests (unit, integration, system, acceptance),
    • non-regression tests,
    • performance testing,
    • etc.


     What is the benefit of a SaaS solution?

    A Saas (software as a service) solution allows you to implement actions via an interface accessible from any browser. 

    In the case of an automated test tool, it is thus possible to carry out complete validations of its applications such as :

    • its E-commerce platform,
    • its website,
    • its management software...

    This ensures that everything is working properly.

    To search for application bugs, you can use a Saas software like the one from Mr Suricate. It will allow you to develop your strategy alone, offering you the possibility to create test scenarios


    What are the advantages of a testing tool?

    There are several major benefits to deploying these diagnostics:


    1. Optimizing the user experience

    Having regular maintenance of your digital services improves the user experience on your applications, software or websites. Early detection of bugs prevents loss of user confidence and a drop in revenue. 

    A simple button that doesn't work can jeopardize a purchase decision and affect your monthly revenue.


    2. Time saving

    As a company matures, monitoring its digital installations can quickly become an emergency, as well as a constraint... Using a Saas automated testing solution can of course save time by delegating to the IT tool a monitoring of its various digital devices.


    3. Profitability for the company

    Logically, functional applications give the company a better return. Whether your employees areperforming internaltasks or making sales on your sites and applications, smooth functionality and functionality that works well means that you are not put off by the action and that you cancontinue to provide services . A key factor in optimizing the conversion rate.


    4. Increase your velocity

    The use of a SaaS solution in test automation allows a company to remain agile, reactive and fast. This ability to quickly test new functions, services, products... allows it to have an optimized time to market. You are therefore even closer to your customers and probably taking distance from your competitors.   


    What does the test tool for Mr Suricate ? 

    In fact, this paragraph might as well be a copy and paste of the previous one, as far as our codeless Saas solution gathers all the advantages mentioned above, 😉but not only...

    The automated testing tool proposed by Mr Suricate is an innovative solution that allows you to better test your applications without requiring any technical skills.


    For this, it combines several advantages and features:


    • Our tool replicates user journeys from start to finish.
    • It checks that your website, for example, reacts correctly on different browsers and devices.


    For the implementation of quality tests, we advise you to choose an automated testing tool capable of testing over the entire life cycle of a software.


    Our test tool allows :

    bug identification and real-time reporting of anomalies from your integration server,

    tobe constantly informed of technical, graphical, performance issues... thanks to a simple alert sent by SMS, slack, jira or email,

    to have access to a traceability of what has been put in place in case of changes in your processes, via the recording of all tests performed in a database for three months.

    Why is our SaaS solution the best solution for test automation?

    1. No need to install any software or perform any additional integration on your server. Our test tool is available 100% online!
    2. The bugs reported are classified by level of qualification and categorization. It is YOU who decides which bugs are urgent and which should be treated first.
    3. From the platform, you have access to customized KPIs to better manage the results of your testing campaigns.
    4. You come from the IT sector? You won't be disappointed! Our SaaS solution can help you simplify your test automation and focus on higher value-added tasks.

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    Things to remember

    An automated testing tool facilitates the implementation of functional tests, validation tests, non-regression tests... of your applications and software. The interest is of course to save time, but also to optimize the user experience.

    To succeed in conducting your test campaigns easily, get in touch with a consultant Mr Suricate. We can also help you create your own recipe booklet!


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