Key features of a SaaS test automation platform

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    How to automate functional, design, API, datalayer, SEO, and performance tests easily? It is difficult to find an automated testing tool that covers all the needs of a complex IT project. Often, everyone uses their own testing tool in their corner, making collaboration and communication between teams difficult and amplifying the "silo effect" in companies and on projects.

    The use of complex testing tools reserved only for an informed public is reduced if you use a SaaS platform and a codeless editor such as the one proposed by Mr Suricate. 

    Thanks to these solutions, the business teams have the possibility to monitor themselves the quality of the developments on all their environments: functional tests, datalayer tests, accessibility tests, SEO tests, and mobile application tests (iOS & Android) and performance tests, it is possible to automate everything easily with the codeless editor Mr Suricate. This same editor allows IT teams to have a powerful tool to monitor their APIs and their performance (uptime, pageload, ...) or to perform end-to-end integration tests. Thus, quality becomes a common objective shared by all project stakeholders thanks to a common, simple and intuitive platform.

    Mr Suricate frees up developers' time so they can focus on higher value-added tasks. No more tedious maintenance of automated test scenarios, no more extra days of bug fixing at the end of a sprint thanks to an automated test tool that is easy to maintain and can be integrated into a CI/CD context via API.

    In short Mr Suricate is the One-Stop-Shop for automated testing.

    A SaaS collaborative test automation platform to end siloed project work...

    Mr Suricate is a simple tool but particularly adapted to complex projects thanks to its different settings facilitating the collaboration between all the teams: 

    • Easily access the workspace dedicated to your environment: production or pre-production of your website, production or test version of your iOS or Android mobile application in apk or ipa.

    Test automation - Workspace

    • Visually identify which browser/device type your automated test case is running on. Mr Suricate allows you to run tests on all browser versions and all OS versions! (and even Internet Explorer ).

    Test automation - Android and IOS mobile scenario execution            Test automation - Running scenarios on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge

    • Quickly filter your scenarios with the advanced tagging system. Environment, device, browser, country, path, functionality, use the tagging system as you wish. For example, you can tag certain scenarios as "sanity checks" to run them after each production launch. Finally, this tag system can also be called via our API to integrate into your CI/CD chain (Jenkins, Microsoft azure, github, ...)

    Test automation - List of active scenarios

    • Define the recurrence of your scenarios with a drop-down list and a save button! No more long virtual machine configurations and run your scenarios in an industrialized way at night, Mr Suricate You can finally accelerate yourtest automation project by freeing yourself from technical barriers. Take advantage of the power of our SaaS architecture!

    Choose a default recurrence

    Test automation - Simplified management of the number of scenario launches

    Or configure your own custom recurrence

    Test automation - Advanced management of the number of scenario launches

    • Manage user rights according to the roles on your project. Need to separate the maintenance team with write/modify rights from your project manager team with execute rights? It's possible with Mr Suricate !

    Test automation - User creation and permissions

    • Your scenario accesses a secure space with login and password (secure environment, customer account, back-office access, ...)? Encrypt your sensitive data directly on the platform Mr Suricate so that this data does not appear in clear text to all users.

    Test automation - Management of sensitive data

    • Is your project organized in feature teams or squads? Use the advanced notification system integrated in Mr Suricate ! Alert the right people at the right time thanks to the Mr Suricate ultra-customizable. Indeed, a single scenario can alert different people depending on where it fails and thus alert the right team. SMS, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, Email, choose the channels of your choice! 

    Test automation - Alert creation - Configuration    Test automation - Alert creation - Filters   Test automation - Alert creation - Communication channels


    Thanks to test cases and dashboards understandable by all!

    In addition to facilitating collaboration between the different project teams, Mr Suricate also offers you a level of understanding accessible to all and a level of customization corresponding to different needs. 

    • Are you a project manager who needs to know the exact steps of a failed automated test case to pass on to a developer? Use the scenario viewer to read your scenario in a readable form for everyone! No code to read! 

    Use the scenario viewer to read your scenario in a readable step-by-step format

    • Are you a project manager who wants to quickly redo your automated test case without having to redo everything manually? Use the screenshot gallery in the results of your scenario to visually and quickly check its different steps.

    Quickly view screenshots from the list of captures


    • You are on the IT side and need a dashboard to monitor your production? Or you are a project manager and need a quick overview of the quality of your application before giving a go live decision in production? Use Mr Suricate ultra-customizable dashboards with widgets that adapt to your different needs. A single customer account can contain as many dashboards as you want!

    Dashboard - Widgets showing the number of successful executions and error scenarios

    Dashboard - Widget showing average page response time

    A platform powered by simple and durable technological choices!

    We have seen in this article how Mr Suricate can break down silos and finally put quality at the center of your project with a collaborative and customizable platform. 

    However, the strength of Mr Suricate also lies in its codeless editor, which is the result of 5 years of R&D in our Nantes IT laboratory. This editor is used daily in-house by our team of automation specialists, all based in Nantes! The success of our full service offer now pushes us to offer this editor to our customers in a brand new SaaS offer.

    We relied on two major partners: Google for our editor and Microsoft for our engine. This allowed us to create an automated test editor that is theoretically accessible from the age of 7! Indeed, the technology we use is currently taught to children in France as early as the 5th grade to teach them the basics of development and algorithms.  

    Our IT is proud to have developed the only technology that allows you to automate your iOS mobile application tests in codeless! Want to discover this editor in depth with our experts? Make an appointment + CTA livrestom or contact


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