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    Thomas Horblin, Business Development Manager at Mr Suricate and Alexandre Marois, Head of e-commerce at Le Coq Sportif, talk about their collaboration in an interview conducted by LesBigBoss during the Summer edition 2022.

    What is it like to work with Mr Suricate? Alexandre Marois, e-commerce manager at Le Coq Sportif, agreed to answer this question in a cross interview with Thomas Horblin, our Business Development Manager.

    In particular, he reveals the interests and benefits that the solution Mr Suricate solution brings to his daily life. Here is an overview of the topics covered:

    • The ease and speed of implementation
    • Time saving for the technical teams 
    • Reactivity in fixing bugs
    • The support and human service of Mr Suricate 

    "The commercial and technical aspects and the implementation on the site were easy and simple. There is a very good support of the teams of Mr SuricateI would like to emphasize this. More than a service provider, Mr Suricate is a partner.


    As a reminder, Mr Suricate is a SaaS solution that detects bugs on web and mobile platforms by reproducing customer journeys on production, pre-production and acceptance environments. We have designed a codeless SaaS software accessible 100% online, without integration. The implementation is easy and fast. A 100% personalized support is also included in all our offers.

    Unlike what is available on the market, our SaaS solution is adapted to a non-technical profile. Our credo: open up test automation to everyone! Our ambition is to facilitate access to testing and to ensure that the business takes control of a sector still too accustomed to IT.

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    Discover now our solution in more details through this customer testimonial by LesBigBoss and find the answers to your questions!




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