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    Constance de Polignac, CMTO of B&B Hotels, explained the advantages of the solution Mr Suricate for her company in her speech at the West Web Festival which took place on July 14th and 15th.

    What does the Mr Suricate solution really do for its customers? Constance de Polignac, CMTO of B&B Hotels, agreed to answer this question in an interview with Fabien Van Herreweghe, our President and Founder. 

    Here is an overview of the benefits cited: 

    • Time saving
    • The ability to focus on less time-consuming testing
    • Acceleration of the production launch
    • The ease of use of the solution Mr Suricate 

    " Thanks to Mr Suricate, we save between 5 and 6 days per month, which allows us to do more production and faster [...] Moreover, Mr Suricate is a user friendly solution, for people who are not techies, which allows the adoption compared to business teams. "


    As a reminder, Mr Suricate is a SaaS solution that detects bugs on web and mobile platforms by reproducing customer journeys on production, pre-production and acceptance environments. We have designed a codeless SaaS software accessible 100% online, without integration. The implementation is easy and fast. A 100% personalized support is also included in all our offers.

    Unlike what is available on the market, our SaaS solution is adapted to a non-technical profile. Our credo: open up test automation to everyone! Our ambition is to facilitate access to testing and to ensure that the business takes control of a sector still too accustomed to IT.

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    Discover now our solution in more details through this customer testimonial by B&B Hotels and find the answers to your questions!



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