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    Welcome to the first press review of the Granier Tester!

    Today, and not without a certain delay, I am giving you a review of the articles, posts, studies, initiatives that I have read and found relevant during the month of January, and dealing with subjects concerning the different aspects of testing.

    I hope this will make you want to take a look and discover (or rediscover) talented writers who want to share their knowledge with you!

    I would therefore start, logically, with an exciting article from February dealing with a feedback on procrastination from Fabien Hiegel, in which he explains its mechanisms and some tips to channel it.

    What is it about? It'snot about testing and it's about the month of February... Nonsense you might say? And you wouldn't be completely wrong 😉

    But I thought it was important to tell you that NO, my delay is not due to procrastination, as I find article writing so exciting, but to my equally exciting tasks as a project manager (which will certainly have the right to an article in the year). 

    The press review of the test


    Games for testing

    You all know The tester's tavern? No ? For real?

    It is however the essential place of exchanges around the test of the French-speaking sphere, created by Marc Hage Chahine in November 2017 ! I will, I think, have the opportunity to share with you on a regular basis articles from this blog.

    One of the themes discussed in January was testing and games, or rather "games for testing".

    Games and testing

    Let's start with the presentation that was made by Marc during the Sofia Software Testing Night (STLS) (with, please, access to all the presentations of this unmissable event). He explains us his vision of the game and his thoughts given to the testing world to make our job more attractive, more fun, by showing, in a playful way, its different aspects. I know for a fact that all this goes further than a simple reflection 😉 (but shhh)!

    And we took the opportunity to expand the topic between experts and organize, with Marc, an exciting roundtable in January with Christophe Moustier, Zoé Thivet, and Julien Cahu. Feel free to watch the video, I made a call there to talk about testing in video games (but I won't tell you where so you can watch the whole video 😉 ).

    The CFTL 2021-2022 survey

    Another highlight of this month of January, the results of the CFTL's major survey on software testing practices 2021 - 2022. This is a survey that takes place every 3 years and that gathers, this year, 720 IT and testing professionals, which is a very representative panel!

    Marc's analysis is available on the Tavern, but also A reminder of previous investigations of Bruno Legeard (secretary of the CFTL), which shows the importance of the tester in more and more agile teams... But it also shows, to my dismay, the low increase of the automation rate...

    What hardly changes in 2022 in view of the infographic that Mr Suricate has concocted for you on the subject 👀

    Low rate of increase in automation


    The test automation market is growing rapidly

    Finally, let's talk about Money & Money!

    According to a study by Research & Marketthe test automation market, estimated at 20.7 billion in 2021 (just that), could reach 49.9 billion in 2026 (tomorrow...). This will hopefully increase the percentages of automation presented in the previous study and allow new innovative automation projects (based on AI) to flourish. This study, carried out with a large number of IS (editors, ESN...) reveals that the banking & insurance sector will be a major customer of this market.

    This allows me to place here a very instructive article, and of circumstance, about bank authorization server tests written by Coralie Ipotesiwhich gives us 8 essential information about the tests of this type of application.

    I discovered here the functional and security specificities of these rather complex electronic payment applications, and I know that payment, especially in production, remains a thorn in the side of test automation.

    automated tests

    I hope this review has been useful and enjoyable for you! I'll start writing my next article right away to bring you the February review as soon as possible.


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    Feel free to share in comments your discoveries, January articles that I might have missed and link blogs that are related to testing and that might be of interest to all of us!😊 


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