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    When he is not an operational director at Mr SuricateMichael Granier is co-chair of the JFTL (French Software Testing Day). Discover his experience for the JFTL 2022 in our latest podcast.

    Passionate about testing for more than 13 years, whether in a company or personally, Michael Granier informs and cultivates himself on the subject while applying his skills, so as to evolve the profession and the methods associated with it. Operational Director at Mr Suricate since 2020, he leads and coaches a powerful operational team in order to meet all functional testing needs for a large number of different business applications (Desktop, API or Mobile).

    In addition, Michael Granier has been actively involved in the organization of the French Software Testing Days (JFTL) since 2019, which he has been attending for over 10 years. Following the 2022 edition, we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the backstage of this year's JFTL

    In this interview, we discussed, among other things: 

    • of behind the scenes of the JFTL 
    • of rating criteria for presentations 
    • of the tutorial day organized with Marc Hage Chahine on "Choosing automation for all"
    • of TAQQuality Assurance Tournament, which took place on Monday, June 13
    • of Michael Granier's conference on the most recurrent anomalies of e-commerce on June 14 
    • and many other things

    " I see it every year and I saw it again in 2022, thetesting community is a caring community. Everyone is there to do quality, no one has a better method than another, everyone is willing to share. "

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    Come and listen to our exchange with Michael Granier in the podcast below:



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