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    In order to develop a network of shared trust with a modern vision of Web quality, Mr Suricate offers you the opportunity to become a partner, whether you're an ESN, a Web agency or any other technology professional.

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    Mr Suricatemarket leader in automated functional testing

    Mr Suricate s mission is to protect companies' brand image and boost sales, while ensuring that the user experience runs smoothly and detecting bugs before and after production.

    Attributes of the no-code SaaS solution :

    • Quick and easy to install
    • Real-time bug detection and qualification
    • Feedback by e-mail / ticketing tools / sms with screenshot and/or live video
    • Multi-environment / multi-device / multi-browser
    • Detailed incident report
    • Error categorization
    • Criticality of incidents
    • Personalized services
    • Drafting the recipe book
    • Writing and sharing test cases
    • Setting up and supervising scenarios
    • Customized reporting
    • Service center maintenance
    • Human reproduction of bugs before escalation to partner teams

    Type of tests performed :

    • Functional non-regression tests.
    • iOS and Android Mobile Application Testing
    • API testing
    • Data Layer and SEO testing
    • Graphical testing / Visual non-regression
    • Performance Tests
    • Accessibility testing

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    Why partner with Mr Suricate ?

    If your customers are facing problems of Web quality, industrialized testing or production monitoring, you've come to the right place.

    A partnership with Mr Suricate will enable you to : 

    1. Quickly set up your own service center

    Take advantage of Mr Suricate to offer your customers cutting-edge QA services.

    2. Take advantage of low rates 

    Make your customers benefit from advantageous rates at Mr Suricate !

    3. Quickly manage your Web quality problems 

    If your project encounters a quality problem, we deploy in less than 5 working days to secure your delivery.

    4. Take advantage of customized training for your customers

    Train your end-users and customers for rapid industrialization of operational testing.


    Become a partner - How does it work? 

    There are two ways to become a partner Mr Suricate :

    1. Reseller offer / Total delegation

    • Take advantage of our services at partner reseller rates
    • Delegate your automated tests to our experts
    • At last, meet all your testing needs
    • Halve your in-house QA costs


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    2. Internalisation or On Premise offer 

    • Internalize our software on your premises at a preferential partner rate
    • Use our powerful, innovative codeless editor
    • Accelerate your business with our all-in-one solution
    • Increase the efficiency of your non-technical QA teams


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